My journey as a photographer began at a very young age when I used to routinely play (and take apart) various cameras laying around the house. Having come from a family of photographers, I asked for my first camera for my 10th birthday and that's when my photography journey began. 

I was always drawn to photographing people. Catching that one moment that is unperceivable by the human eye. That moment that exists and shows the love between the couple, the light in ones soul and the true emotion of that one moment.

My services include:

Engagement Photography: $425 for a three hour photoshoot and post production/editing 


Wedding/Events Photography: $1,000 for five hours of shooting and post production/editing 


Portrait Photography: $175 for a 30-minute photoshoot and post production/editing

Per hour photography rate: $225 (includes post production/editing)

Looking forward to meeting you in person :-)

With gratitude,


Tel: 202-256-7267