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Every photo is an opportunity to craft a timeless representation of an individual's "true-self" or a business's unique narrative. The pursuit is to freeze those fleeting moments of emotion, imperceptible to the naked eye, into captivating visual stories. I take pride in delivering a personalized experience, tailoring each session to meet the specific needs and aspirations of our clients, fostering a one-of-a-kind ambiance that resonates throughout my work.

Oksana Kemp Photography offers a distinctive experience, blending the comfort of a chosen location with the sophistication of a professional studio shoot. Such approach ensures that even the most camera-shy clients feel at ease, resulting in authentic images that encapsulate their true essence.


Beyond traditional portrait photograph, I specialize in lifestyle photography (including fitness photography), family photoshoots and love stories (engagements/weddings).

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Photo Sessions

studio shoot

Studio Session

Experience the convenience of my studio from anywhere. The mobile studio setup is equipped with high-quality lighting, backdrops, and professional-grade equipment, ensuring a seamless photoshoot experience at your preferred setting. Whether you are camera shy and prefer the comports of your own home, or a busy executive who has only a short time between conference calls, my studio travels to capture your moments with professionalism and convenience.​

Duration: 60 Minutes

Rate: $500

natural light portrait

Basic Session

Natural light headshots and lifestyle photography This session is tailored for both personal and business purposes. Whether you're seeking professional headshots to elevate your business profile or vibrant lifestyle photos that authentically capture your personal journey, this photography session is designed to showcase your unique personality and story. I strive to create images that stand out, perfect for portfolios, branding, social media, or personal keepsakes.​

Duration: 60 Minutes

Rate: $350 

Fitness class

Group Photography

Group Photography session is perfect for those who want to capture precious family moments, showcase the strength and uniqueness of their fitness classes, or document the spirit of an event.  With a keen eye for detail and ability to create a comfortable atmosphere, I am like a ninja, stealthily capturing those perfect shots without anyone even noticing. Each session is meticulously crafted to deliver timeless and heartfelt images that clients will treasure for years to come.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Rate: $500

Engagement session

Extended Sessions (Engagements and Weddings)

From joyous engagements to magical weddings this session will capture the essence and spirit of every special occasion. I specialize in creating lasting memories,  whether it's the romantic glow of an engagement, the heartfelt moments of a wedding celebration, the energy of lively events, or the candid beauty of everyday life. My expertise lies in transforming these moments into visually captivating stories, preserving the emotions and unique narratives that define each occasion.​

Duration: 120 Minutes

Rate: $650

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